First Day Info


Even if you are an experienced gym goer, for your own safety, you must please view our Kiss Welcome Video before visiting for the first time. Our 24 hour access system and safety procedures are peculiar to Kiss, so extremely important you are familiar with these before visiting.

We are open 24 hrs, subject to you having checked your PIN works during staffed hours (8am-8pm, 11am-5pm w/ends).

Parking Information (please note spaces count down display at Swindon in Beta testing mode)
Inductions held at 1pm, 6pm and 6:30pm daily (1pm at weekends) 12 people limit

Please bring a padlock, or you can buy from our vending machines....


Your Benefits

  • 24/7 access
  • Free parking
  • No contract
  • Huge space with over 150 items of kit

Welcome Video

Parking information

Swindon - Terms & Conditions

Note: Please note CLAMPING is in operation at Swindon underground parking, so please read carefully!

  • Drive up to gate and it should recognise your number plate and open, same for exit, although there is an override exit button if you have problems leaving.
  • 22 spaces available (i.e. limited). Count down display still in Beta Testing Mode (helpful, but not to be relied upon quite yet)
  • Park within red bays only (marked KISS)
  • Display Kiss window or bumper sticker (available from Kiss Staff)
  • Maximum stay 80 minutes (access AUTOMATICALLY suspended for over stays)
  • All but 10 minutes need to be within the gym (again suspension applies for abuse)
  • Parking is only on the entrance level, not the level below
  • To change your vehicle, please log in here

Swindon - Parking Map

Kiss gyms Swindon parking map


Acton - Terms & Conditions

Note: Please note TICKETING is in operation at Acton car park, so please read carefully!

  • Your vehicle must be registered, to add or modify click here
  • Security should stop you first time of entering (if no bumper or window sticker displayed) to check your plate against master list.
  • During your first visit, ask Kiss staff for bumper sticker/window sticker and you will be waved through security each time.
  • Limited spaces available (first come first served)
  • Park in spaces immediately surrounding the main gym building, avoid any marked as business owners.
  • Maximum stay 80 minutes (access suspended for over stays) and tickets issued for non Kiss registered vehicles.
  • All but 10 minutes need to be within the gym (again suspension applies for abuse)

Acton - Parking Map

Kiss gyms Acton parking map

Health at Kiss Gyms

We want you to achieve everything out of your membership that you are hoping to achieve, and in order to do this, we want you to enjoy our gym and the equipment inside it safely.

You must inform us of any medical condition which may impact upon your safe exercise, and please consult your doctor if in doubt.
Each person's fitness levels will vary and each person will have their own personal targets to achieve. Notwithstanding this, if we are concerned that you are putting yourself at risk by exercising beyond what we reasonably believe to be your personal ability, we may ask you to amend your work out. Please don't be offended by our interfering, it is for your own safety!

We will endeavour to keep the gym and the equipment inside clean and in good working order, however it would help us enormously if you could wipe down the equipment after using it.

If you have any concerns about the state of the gym or the equipment, or if you are concerned about how this may impact the safety of the gym, please let us know immediately.

All our staff and fitness trainers are qualified to their appropriate standard and are there to help and make your gym experience as enjoyable as possible. Please don't hesitate to ask anyone one of them for help or if you are unsure of anything. If you feel at all unwell during a visit to our gym, please let a member of staff know immediately - all our staff are first aid trained.

If you are using our gym outside of manned hours and feel unwell, please press one of the "emergency contact points" located throughout the gym and an operator will be able to notify the necessary emergency services.

If you are a wheelchair user, there may be additional things that we need to point out to you to help you exercise safely, but as always, please do ask if you are unsure of anything.