Renata Rutkowska @

Kiss Gyms Swindon


My Qualifications

  • Level 3 Personal trainer
  • Level 2 Gym instructor

About Renata Rutkowska

I am an enthusiastic , focused and professional individual working face to face and motivating others for years .

Through my own experience I have changed my lifestyle to be health and fitness focused and I am achieving my goals .

I have lost a lot of weight after pregnancy and regular exercise helped my body to go back to shape.

I am also exercising towards a fitness competition and gaining definition I never even dreamed of and enjoying every minute of it .

Most important is that fitness has let me become a better person , healthier , happier with myself , more relaxed , confident and satisfied .

I believe if I can do it , you can do it too !

I would love to have this opportunity to share my knowledge and practice with you to become a better version of yourself .

It is not just becoming fit - it is becoming healthier , happier , more confident , positive and a self-loving person .

Don’t wait any longer .

Give me a call or text so we can start your beautiful journey .

Tel . 07814643083


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