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Open 24 hrs, subject to you having checked your PIN works during staffed hours (8am-8pm, 11am-5pm w/ends).

Parking Information (please note spaces count down display at Swindon in Beta testing mode)
Inductions held at 1pm, 6pm and 6:30pm daily (1pm at weekends) 12 people limit

Please bring a padlock, or you can buy from our vending machines....

Your Benefits

  • 24/7 access
  • from £15.99 pcm
  • No contract
  • Huge space with over 150 items of Kit

Parking information

Swindon - Terms & Conditions

Note: Please note CLAMPING is in operation at Swindon underground parking, so please read carefully!

  • Drive up to gate and it should recognise your number plate and open, same for exit, although there is an override exit button if you have problems leaving.
  • 22 spaces available (i.e. limited). Count down display still in Beta Testing Mode (helpful, but not to be relied upon quite yet)
  • Park within red bays only (marked KISS)
  • Display Kiss window or bumper sticker (available from Kiss Staff)
  • Maximum stay 80 minutes (access AUTOMATICALLY suspended for over stays)
  • All but 10 minutes need to be within the gym (again suspension applies for abuse)
  • Parking is only on the entrance level, not the level below
  • To change your vehicle, please log in here

Swindon - Parking Map

Kiss gyms Swindon parking map

Acton - Terms & Conditions

Note: Please note TICKETING is in operation at Acton car park, so please read carefully!

  • Your vehicle must be registered, to add or modify click here
  • Park in spaces immediately surrounding the main gym building, avoid any marked as business owners.
  • Maximum stay 90 minutes (access suspended for over stays) and tickets issued for non Kiss registered vehicles.
  • All but 10 minutes need to be within the gym (again suspension applies for abuse)

Acton - Parking Map

Kiss gyms Acton parking map