Elite Personal Trainers

Kiss Gyms

We're pretty proud of our team of elite Personal Trainers - from marathon runners to England football team players, from Ice Hockey professionals to Rugby players, our personal trainers are at an elite level, second to none.

Why get a personal trainer?

Personal trainers can help you to take your training to the next level by teaching you how to perform exercises and use equipment correctly, designing bespoke workouts, helping you to change your lifestyle habits and keeping you motivated. Whether you're new to the gym, or looking to take your training to the next level, a personal trainer can help you to stay focussed and on track to achieve your goals.

How to choose a personal trainer

We have a whole range of fantastic, expertly skilled personal trainers at each Kiss Gym location. We'd recommend checking out the profiles of the personal trainers at your location to find the one that best fits your fitness goals.

Each of our personal trainers has their own unique experience, expertise and insights, so you'll be sure to find the person that is the perfect match for you.

Check out the trainers in your location:

Personal trainers in Acton London
Personal trainers in Milton Keynes
Personal trainers in Swindon


How do I book a session?

Once you've found the trainer you'd like to start having sessions with, simply contact them via the phone number or email address found on their profile and let them know you're interested. You can then set up a training time that works for you both.