Kiss Gyms FAQs

Kiss Gyms FAQs

24hr Gym
High Spec Low Price from £15.99 pcm, 180+ items of kit, 30+ inclusive classes. Super chic, massive space.

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Thinking of Joining? Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make catch up payments, reinstate my membership,change bank account details

Yes, please use this link Harlands PayFlex

Can I make changes to my regular payment date?

Yes, please contact the company below (who process and manage payments on our behalf) and please be aware, missed payments attract a £20 admin fee, so please contact them well in advance if in any doubt about your ability to pay your monthly fee!

Direct Debit Questions email address

HELPLINE NO. 01444 449162. It may save time to provide your Direct Debit reference (starts W..)

Can I freeze my membership

Yes, you can freeze your membership for up to three months @ £5 per month, by contacting our payment processor Harlands on 01444 449162 - and it will save time to provide your Direct Debit reference (starts W..)

How do I cancel my membership

 If you simply wish to cancel your membership, please just cancel your Direct Debit with you bank, there is nothing more you need to do. 

Please be aware that your access will stop when you Direct Debit stops, so to maximise your access, cancel just before your renewal date (this is the only way we've been able to automate the process, its not designed to short change you of access!)

Can I be sure the gyms aren't stuffy and sweaty

We're obsessed by air quality. Have you ever noticed why many gyms, especially the old ones, have stuffy smelly air? That's because of poorly specified, or out of date air handling systems.

We've invested considerably in state of the art systems to ensure complete air changes can happen in less than 12 minutes, where at Swindon and Acton we use heat exchange (that's to say your body heat is used to heat the hot water for the showers. How generous of you!

When are you staffed?

We are open 24/7/365, where the gyms are staffed from 7am to 11pm daily (approx) and 11am to 5pm at weekends.

Do gyms have showers and changing rooms?

Yes, male and female changing rooms with showers and lockers secured by your own padlocks (vending machines for padlocks if you don't have) and even hair dryers!

What happens out of hours?

You are able to let yourself in with a PIN code and whilst we don't provide staff out of hours, the building is then controlled by a centralised control centre (using CCTV, remote emergency door controls, music mute with loud speaker announcements, combined with help points - so you are never too far away from assistance).

However, please note Kiss provides minimal safety supervision by day, and no supervision out of hours (CCTV is only monitored in the event you push the help buttons). Use out of hours is entirely at your own risk, and during this time we highly recommend only using the gym with a gym buddy at this time, and only using the most prominently visible cardio equipment (running machines) so other members can assist you in the event of unconsciousness.

Do you have free weights and what do they go up to?

Yes we have extensive free weights, please see the equipment section for more information. 

And we don't skimp on gym equipment either. For example, our running machines are £7,000 each, and we always open with over 30 of them. And by constantly micro-managing the equipment mix, we aim to ensure there's plenty for everyone, with no waiting for popular items.

Do you have classes?

Yes, we have a range of free classes included in your membership, and we are adding new ones all the time - please see the classes section for your gym

Do you have a swimming pool and sauna?

No. Swimming pools and saunas are expensive (so we'd have to considerably increase our prices to you) and would stop us offering 24 hour access, so we've decided to keep things simple and focus on providing a high quality gym experience, at a very low price.

Do you offer inductions?

Yes, and we must remind you that if you join Kiss Gyms you agree to attend an induction before you use any gym equipment if you are in any doubt of your ability to use the equipment safely.

Using Gym equipment can be hazardous and result in injury in mis-use - if you have not had an induction before, or are unfamiliar or uncertain for your own safety you MUST attend and induction before using any Kiss Gyms equipment.

In any event the induction is also designed to improve the efficiency of your workout so is recommended to all. They happen three times per day 1pm, 6pm and 6:30pm and are free, no need to book, please ask staff.

Can I drop in and look around?

Yes no problem, please just drop in any time 8am to 8pm (11am to 5pm weekends) and someone will show you around (no need to make an appointment)

Who are Kiss Gyms?

Chairman: Patrick Henchoz. Founder of Esporta, which grew to some 40 sites before listing. Seven year chairman of Gymbox. CEO: Rupert Mackenzie Hill. Ex-military, founder of a number of software and leisure businesses. Director: George Scott Welsh. Angel investor, leisure operator and property developer.

Frequently Asked Questions - for Members

What are your Off Peak Hours

Currently our Off Peak Hours at all sites are (subject to change, please check here): No access 3:30pm to 8:30pm weekdays Access all weekend, Sat and Sun

I have a Plus membership, how do I invite my buddies

For 'Plus' members, your four buddy button invites can be found in the members' area The member must enter the gym BEFORE the buddy, in order for the buddy to gain access (condition of the buddy system is you attend together). Within your email invite you can suggest a date up to 14 days in advance, which your buddy can change (again up to 14 days in advance) we leave it to you to co-ordinate your attendance together. Please be aware your four buttons refresh on the 1st of each month, and any invites sent will expire on the 14th day of the subsequent month.

Can I share my PIN code with my friends?

No, your PIN code is personal to you. Please be aware the system stores and compares images of you every time your PIN is used and events of misuse will always result in a life time ban (the only way we can maintain our low prices is to ensure each user has their own account).

I've received confirmation of my payment, but no email with my PIN number, what do I do?

If you are Hotmail, AOL, yahoo or MSN it will almost certainly be in your spam box. Alternatively you can retrieve your PIN from the link on our home page - or do email and we'll send you your welcome email again.

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