5 Best Gym Apps

Written by Antonio Wedral - Wed 20th Mar 2019


Available on Android and iOS, this app will keep track of all your exercises for you. No more walking around with dumbbells and a piece of paper and pencil.

Jetfit will track your routines or, if you prefer, refer to a library of weight training programs. After your workout, you’ll be able to connect with other users through the app's social feature to keep your motivation up. A free version is available; or, if you want more than the basics, you can pay per month for the Elite tier.


We all know that staying on top of your nutrition is a vital part of any gym regime. And now you can track everything you eat with the MyFitnessPal app. One of the most downloaded apps in the health and fitness category, this app has an enormous database of foods.

Other features such as quick bar scan capabilities, and easy connectivity with other popular apps like MapMyFitness and Fitbit, make it a gym-bunny’s essential. You can also use it to track your weight training and stay connected with friends who are also tracking their exercise and calorie intake.

Nike Training Club

Grab the Nike Training Club on either Android or iOS and make the most of over 180 routines.

There are categories from strength training to yoga, meaning that you can train with your bodyweight or a full gym setup, from quick sessions to 45 minute burners.

The Nike Training Club comes with the added bonus of content from Nike athletes and personalities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin Hart and Serena Williams.



Fitbod is one clever app. It uses artificial intelligence to learn from past workouts. It’ll then recommend personalised exercises based on your previous struggles with the running machine. Taking into account your preferences and available gym equipment, Fitbod will help you achieve your goals – be that getting fit, maintaining a steady routine or bulking up!Available on iOS.


Gyming is more fun with friends. With Activex You can push each other to reach new levels and just have a laugh along the way.

ACTIVEx is the communal way to get fit. Create a “Pack” out of your likeminded gym-going buddies and commit to follow the same plan. Then, build your own HIIT workout and let the friendly banter commence!

If you’re looking for a gym to try out these fancy new apps, look no further than Kiss Gyms. We’re open 24 hours a day so that you can workout whenever your schedule allows it. And with no contract, over 180 items of kit and new inclusive classes, it’ll be the perfect space for you to get into the gym.