8 Reasons NOT to be scared of the gym

1. No One in the Gym Is Perfect

Even the (very rare) few that look like they jumped straight out of Vogue or Love Island will have body hang ups like the rest of us. What’s perfect anyway? We’re all different and our fitness and body goals will be varied.

Wouldn’t life be boring if we were all the same?  


2. No One Came out of the Womb Already Walking

We all started at square one. It’s precisely the same scenario when learning to read, write, starting a new job or learning to use gym equipment. What’s the rush? The new healthy you is going to live for ages!

Day-by-day. One step at a time. Easy does it.  


3. Not Everyone Knows What They Are Doing

Just because someone looks like they know what they are doing doesn’t mean they do, because years of experience means nothing if you’ve been doing it wrong all that time.

Do not confuse expertise with confidence. 

You are not the only one with questions and having questions is good. Even fitness professionals at the very highest level ask questions every day. That’s what put them at the highest level.  


4. You Are Not the Only One

As unique as you are I can guarantee there is someone in the gym with the same goals, fears and expectations as you. Your situation may be challenging and there may be obstacles in the way of getting you fit and healthy but believe me they can all be overcome.

I know this because I’ve trained people in some of the most difficult situations life could properly throw at them and they’ve managed to use fitness as a mechanism to cope with all of life’s struggles.  


5. People Won't Stare at You

We’re all a little self conscious, and being in gym kit possibly doesn’t help the situation.

But try seeing the gym just like a walk through a city centre. There’s really just a sea of people all trying to get somewhere.

No one is there with the intention of making others feel uncomfortable.


6. It Doesn't Need to Be Complicated

You’ve seen people on social media bending over backwards and balancing upside down on an inflatable ball.

Well, that’s not actual gym life.

Effective gym training is in fact beautifully simple. And while some moves require more balance and coordination than others, there are always simple options to get you started.

Just like when learning to walk, your technique doesn’t need to be 100% - just not dangerous.

What’s with the rush to be perfect?  


7. Instagram is Not Real Life

Social media is a great place to pick up new exercise ideas but it can also batter your confidence and crush your soul.

If you find yourself bemused or overawed by topless hunks showing you how to get a six pack in six weeks or scantily clad gym bunnies regurgitating the same old butt exercises then we may be able to help.

Our trainers - who may or may not have a six pack but are always fully clothed, will be happy to show you safe, effective and faff-free ways to get in shape.  


8. You Don't Need to Live Here

We’re open 24/7 but you don’t have to live here to get great results.

Two or three sessions per week is enough for most people to reach most fitness related goals.

Of course, we love and support those who feel the need to spend each and every day with us too.



 About the author: Ronny Terry is a personal trainer at Kiss Gyms Swindon. You can view his profile HERE