The Best Exercise For Weight Loss?

It’s an age-old debate – which exercise is best for fat loss?

Some swear by cardio while others have dropped the pounds using weights alone.

And then HIIT (high intensity interval training) came along to confuse us even more.

But what about classes or activities, such as yoga, where you don’t move much at all?

Also, what about the slim people you see who don’ t do any exercise?

Let’s put this to bed once and for all so you can start your New Year training routine up and running confident you are doing all the ‘right’ things to get the results you are after.  


CV or Not to CV

Cardiovascular activities such as jogging or cycling have long been the first port of call for those new to exercise looking to lose weight.

The main benefit is that when training at lower intensities, activities of this kind can usually be carried out for fairly long durations. 

Exercise for longer, burn more calories. 

Plus, the gentler nature of low-intensity cardio means it is a good gateway to fitness – especially for the elderly or overweight.



HIIT training, on the other hand, is performed for short periods of time but at much higher intensities meaning you burn more calories per second but it’s much harder to carry on for longer.

An upside of HIIT is that it can ramp up your calorie burning for up to 24 hours after you’ve stopped training.

Burn calories when you sleep – yay.

HIIT is not suitable for beginners, the elderly or very overweight.



Weight training is often seen as a means to bulking up but like any activity it does burn calories, although they may be harder to quantify.

Most people desire a toned appearance and that is something you’d struggle to achieve, especially above the waist, from the likes of running or cycling alone.

Weight training is suitable for almost everyone regardless of technical ability, age or weight.



Exercise classes usually involve elements of cardio, HIIT and strength training, in isolation or combined.

That being said, it should be clear that classes are a great fit for weight loss and have the added benefit of an instructor to check your technique and give you some feedback.

Be sure to check that the class meets your current fitness.


What About Yoga?

Don’t be fooled by the apparent gentle nature of yoga. Yoga can be brutal!

But don’t worry as there are lots of easier progressions to start with.

Yoga is great way to strengthen the whole body and can also help you relax – honest!

Try a few basic exercises like the plank before you head to a class to get a feel for it.

And of course, yoga burns calories too!


Do You Even Need to Exercise?

Why bother exercising at all? There are people out there – slim and fit-looking – who have never exercised in their life?

Well this brings us on to the very nature of weight loss. Our bodies will only drop body fat if we burn more calories from activity than we consume via food and drink.

If you lower your food intake with regards to your normal daily energy output then it’s completely possible to lose weight with no structured exercise thrown in the mix.

So if you don’t eat it in the first place, there’s no need to burn it off.

But that’s just half of the picture. Being slim doesn’t automatically make you healthy.

And there are huge benefits to exercise that reach far beyond burning calories: Improved strength, increased bone density, a stronger heart, healthier lungs, reduced stress and better sleep are just some of the additional ways exercise can improve your life.  


So The Best Exercise For Weight Loss Is...

The one you are most likely to do regularly.

And you must pay attention to what you are eating and drinking or you may negate the effects of your increased calorie burn.



 About the author: Ronny Terry is a personal trainer at Kiss Gyms Swindon. You can view his profile HERE