What To Bring To Your First Gym Session


You don't need much, but these will get you off on the right foot.


Entry Code

You’ll need to bring your unique PIN with you to gain access, so have a rummage through your email before setting off.

On arrival, punch in your 8 digit number and our ‘pod’ doors will magically open, allowing you access.

You’ll also benefit from feeling like you’re starring in your very own science fiction movie.

If for any reason you can't locate your code, come to the gym during staffed hours and we'll find it for you.



Two things to consider here – that you are safe and comfortable.

While fancy breathable materials may mean you sweat a little less, there’s no obligation to spend a fortune on new gear.


  • Joggers, leggings or shorts on the bottom
  • Training shirt, vest or t-shirt on the top
  • Trainers, running shoes, or hi tops on the feet


Hijabs and other religious dress are most very welcome.  



Staying hydrated during exercise is important to keep you energised when the going gets tough.

Drinking water is available for free at all gyms but you may wish to bring a sports bottle to save toing and froing.

What to drink? Water is the obvious choice but if that’s too boring for you add a little squash to liven things up a little.  



Newsflash: exercise can make you sweat!

Bring a towel to wipe down equipment after use or place on exercise stations as you use them.

Oh, you may need one for the shower too!



We have a large number of lockers available to use for free but you’ll need to bring a padlock with you to ensure your items are safe.

We recommend keeping valuables such as phones, money and jewellery on your person as we cannot accept responsibility for any items left on the premises.  


A Positive Attitude

Warning: Positive people are more likely to reach their goals and are much more fun to be around.

So come to the gym with the right mindset and let’s create a fun and dynamic training environment and reach our goals together!