What are the best gym circuits to build muscle mass?

Circuits are always a popular way to get a quick cardio session in and add variety to a work out. But did you know that circuits can also be a great way to build muscle mass and get a pump on? Circuits that incorporate strength training can help you build lean muscle whilst getting your heart rate up at the same time - it’s a win win. Get ready to burn fat and build muscle with these circuit ideas to build muscle mass…

1. The Leg Circuit

This circuit also features in the 5 Best Gym Circuits For Weight Loss and is a great workout to build muscle mass. The legs are the biggest muscles group meaning that they burn more fat per lb than any other muscle group. Trying this circuit out with a moderately heavy weight will allow you to build muscle mass and get a sweat on. The circuit has been adapted to have lower reps which will allow you to load the muscles and promote growth.

  • 10 x Lunges
  • 10 x Squats
  • 10 x Jumping lunges
  • 10 x Jumping squats
  • 10 x Donkey kick backs

2. Deadlift Circuit

This circuit is very simple but should be done with a heavy weight for as many reps as possible. The ab exercises give you a much needed break in between deadlifts. Deadlifts are great as they engage all of the major muscle groups and when performed correctly they’re one of the safest exercises you can do.

  • 10 x Straight leg deadlift
  • 15 x Sit ups
  • 10 x Bent leg deadlifts
  • 20 x Russian twists
  • 10 x Sumo deadlift (wider leg stance)
  • 15 x Crunches

3. Upper Body Muscle Mass Builder

This is a great circuit for those looking to build their upper body strength and get some definition in the arms, shoulders and chest. As with any circuit that aims to build muscle mass, the heavier the weight you lift, the more muscle you are likely to build. Try this out with your max weight for an upper body burner.

  • 5 x Chest press
  • 10 x Bicep curl
  • 10 x Lateral raises
  • 5 x Shoulder press
  • 10 x Chest flys

4. The Full Body Circuit

There’s nothing like a full body circuit for building lean muscle mass in every area. This circuit is great to get your heart rate up and increase your metabolism, all whilst growing muscle. Try it out with a moderate weight for those who are confident with the exercises and a lighter weight for beginners.

  • 15 x Lunges
  • 12 x Sit ups
  • 12 x Deadlifts
  • 15 x Squat and Press
  • 12 x Chest Press
  • 15 x Crunches
  • 12 x Shoulder Press.


With these circuits for building muscle mass under your belt, all you’ll need is some fresh new kit, a gym app to track your progress and a flexible gym to train in. To find out more about our 24 hour, no contract gyms, browse our website to get started or sign up today.